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As we face cultural, economic, and political shifts, today’s associations need to be flexible and ready to meet the needs of both their members and the world beyond them. The threat to associations is clear: A lack of willingness to change and modernize makes the risk of becoming antiquated all too certain.

However, these shifts also offer an amazing opportunity to experiment, innovate and achieve sustainable growth.

Open Garden Organization Online Training for Associations

Join Amith Nagarajan, founder, investor, and board member, for this resource-packed online training course on the Open Garden Model. It serves as a step-by-step guide to help association leaders find smarter, easier, more profitable, and more fulfilling methods to do their work.

Course Overview

This e-learning course is founded on the Open Garden Model, which focuses on three main principles: purpose, culture, and inclusivity.

The material is broken into three sections:

The Bedrock: Finding your Core Purpose and defining your Core Values

The bedrock for open garden associations training course


The Soil: Constructing and nurturing your culture

The Soil for Open Garden Associations Training Course

The Crops: Finding and engaging your community

The Crops for Open Garden Associations Training Course

This training also walks through 10 case studies of organizations that used different components of the Open Garden Model.

Course Contents

This on-demand learning course includes the following downloadable resources:

  • Open Garden Infographic
  • Scoring member engagement
  • Finding your core purpose worksheet
  • Rethinking your association audience worksheet
  • Values productivity chart
  • Giving and receiving feedback

Each lesson ends with a Workshop that provides a series of questions and activities you can use with your own association to apply the material.

Learning Objectives

After completing this on-demand training course, you'll be able to:

  1. Clarify and deepen your purpose.
  2. Discover and lift your values and culture.
  3. Embrace a future of uncertainty by taking on many small, calculated risks to experiment and learn.
  4. Shift a business model to embrace an inclusive and expansive audience, reaching beyond the scope of traditional membership.

About the Presenter

Amith Nagarajan helps associations, non-profits, and other brands engage with their audiences on a daily basis. Amith founded and grew Aptify into a worldwide leader in association management software. His newest venture,, has developed cutting-edge AI to drive meaningful daily engagement between a brand and its audience through personalized content curation. Outside, Amith is an active early-stage investor in B2B SaaS companies and is on multiple boards of directors.

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