Subject matter experts: 6 topics you need to address

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To create high-quality content at a regular cadence, you need participation from your in-house subject matter experts. Learn which topics are most valuable for SMEs to participate in creating, and why their participation is so critical.

There’s plenty of content that your marketing team could be creating - but which topics are most important, and who in your organization is best suited to help create content that resonates with your buyers?

Kevin Phillips, IMPACT’s Lead Content Trainer, will teach you the 6 Topics Subject Matter Experts Need to Address in your content strategy. Addressing these critical topics will help you dominate your competition in search results and educate your buyers in the sales process.

You’ll learn exactly why these 6 topics work, why Subject Matter Experts need to help create the content, and how it can shorten your sales cycle.

This course is a great fit for sales professionals, leadership teams, marketers and of course, subject matter experts who care about producing high quality content to drive more traffic and give your sales team more qualified leads to convert into paying customers.

You will learn:

  • Why these topics are important
  • Overcoming objections to answering these questions
  • Why Subject Matter Expert participation is so important for each type
  • How Subject Matter Experts can help bring these pieces to life
  • Important considerations to keep in mind while creating this content

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