Predicting & Preventing Member Churn

Retaining your members doesn't have to be complicated or require sophisticated tools.

Join predictive analytics experts Thomas Altman and Dray McFarlane for this online training course to learn how to predict which members are likely to leave your organization, and how you can prevent them from leaving.

How to Predict and Prevent Member Churn Online Training Course

Course Overview

This learning course provides:

  1. Simple Microsoft Excel workbook that uses the data you already have to forecast the likelihood a member will leave.
  2. Tactics you can do right now to stop members from exiting.

Through video guides and walkthroughs, you'll see how to craft strategies to target specific groups of members (i.e. those less likely to renew membership). You'll also get a simple, 5-step framework to understand if and how much of a discount you can offer members to keep them.

The only things you need to get started are:

  1. The data you already have
  2. Microsoft Excel
  3. Your own intuition and understanding of your members.

Here is the basic flow of the online training:

  • Step 1: Brainstorming metrics
  • Step 2: Getting the data
  • Step 3: Visualizing the data
  • Step 4: Segmenting the data
  • Step 5: Acting on the data
  • Advanced predictive analytics

Course Contents

This on-demand learning course is accompanied by easy-to-understand video guides, recaps, and the downloadable Predicting Member Churn Spreadsheet that you can use throughout the training and as your organization faces the future. You'll also get access to the Metric Brainstorming Worksheet.

As you step through the training, keep this question in mind: What is impacting whether your members renew or cancel? This is key to stopping non-renewal, aka "member attrition".

Learning Objectives

After completing this on-demand training course, you'll be able to:

  1. Apply the five-step framework for member churn.
  2. Identify the data you can use to predict member churn.
  3. Put the Predicting Member Churn spreadsheet to work in your organization.
  4. Determine which campaigns and which members to focus on for membership renewals.
  5. Use simple cost/benefit data to inform strategic membership retention decisions.

About the Presenters

Thomas Altman, Tasio Co-Founder, started working with associations after getting a graduate degree in applied data modeling techniques. His goal is to bring advanced data science techniques to associations so they can put their information to use and successfully deliver value to their members.

Dray McFarlane, Tasio Co-Founder, has spent over a decade providing associations with technology solutions. He loves getting to dive deep into the goals and challenges of a group driven by passion to support their missions in the best ways possible.

Join us now to find out just how easy it is to predict and prevent member churn.

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