Organizational Diversity 101

Achieving organizational diversity and inclusiveness is an important aspect of achieving your association’s purpose. It's tied to:

  • Improved creativity
  • Better and more productive experiences for your members and staff
  • Faster problem solving
  • Strengthened systems and member/constituent services

Organizational Diversity Online Training Course


Join Bärí A. Williams, identity analytics tech COO, attorney, and consultant, for this online training course delving into organizational diversity action plans for associations.

Course Overview

This online training course begins by describing the four-legged stool approach to diversity. We'll then examine how diversity relates to profitability and your organization's bottom line.

4-Legged Stool Approach to Diversity for Associations

We'll follow this up by discussing how you can increase organizational diversity in the workplace through your hiring practices. This course then lays bare the value of having diverse staff, vendors, constituents, and board members.

We'll wrap up by exploring how you can develop and integrate values that are central to your organization's success as you attract, maintain, and engage a more diverse community.

Course Contents

This on-demand, video-based learning course includes a downloadable Four-Legged Stool Diversity Action Plan and resources for organizational diversity and social responsibility.

Learning Objectives

After completing this on-demand training course, you'll be able to:

  1. Illustrate the value of a diverse workforce.
  2. Explain how to apply the four-legged stool approach to organizational diversity and inclusion.
  3. Discuss a diversity and inclusion strategic plan.
  4. Make a case for expanded outreach in employee and member recruitment, vendors, and board members.
  5. Identify fair assessment hiring and gender-bias language concepts.

About the Presenter

Bärí A. Williams is COO of Bandwagon Fan Club., a data and identity analytics tech company; attorney and startup advisor; and published author. Prior to Bandwagon, she was VP of Legal, Business, and Policy Affairs at All Turtles, an AI startup studio; the former Head of Business Operations Management for North America at StubHub; and lead counsel at Facebook.

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