Leading Remote Teams: Crash Course

Leading remote teams is more common than ever and requires different skills and priorities than managing a team that has the benefit of gathering in a brick-and-mortar location.

Whether having a remote team is new for your organization or a continuing trend, join us for our Leading Remote Teams online training course to get tips, tools, and techniques to build and maintain excellent organizational cultures.

Leading Remote Teams Online Training Course

Course Overview

This online learning course kicks off by laying the groundwork for leading, hiring, and managing remote teams before walking through how to build a culture of learning remotely and best practices for remote learning.

We'll then move to conflict management. We'll discuss how to use the ladder of inference to come up with a shared understanding. Then we'll explore how to use the behavior-impact feedback model to manage and solve conflicts.

Course Contents

This e-learning training program is supplemented by the downloadable Leading Remote Teams Workbook that serves as the companion guide for this course and is used throughout to help you work through the concepts. You'll also get access to all the videos, graphs, models, and your personal notes section.

Learning Objectives

After completing this on-demand training course, you'll be able to:

  1. Describe factors that create great remote organizational cultures.
  2. Explain hiring techniques that will help identify the right people to join your remote team.
  3. Identify key practices to have an effective remote team.
  4. Describe the four strategies to build a culture of learning remotely.
  5. Manage conflicts that may arise using the ladder of inference and behavior impact feedback model.

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