Introduction to strategic foresight

Strategic foresight offers the promise of continued business growth in a world of uncertainty.

It's through strategic foresight that you can peer through your members’ eyes into their world, identify their unmet needs, and see new solutions you can provide.

Join Seth Kahan in this online training course on strategic foresight exploring the step-by-step playbook you need to move your association forward in leaps and bounds.

Intro to Strategic Foresight Online Training Course

Whether yours is a small association and you’re looking to grow beyond your current set of members and increase revenue by understanding unmet needs, or you’re part of a larger organization faced with ever-increasing demands for growth, strategic foresight can help. This approach brings you the answers you need straight from the frontlines of your organization.

Course Overview

This on-demand learning course kicks off by exploring what strategic foresight is, its benefits, and specific ways you can apply it within your association. We'll then discuss the five-step strategic foresight cycle and how to follow this circular process to get more out of it each time it repeats.

The next section dives into formal vs. informal strategists and how you can identify them in your own association, the benefits of having an outsider's perspective, options for engagement, and how to choose the engagement activities you want your association to implement.

Next, we'll cover how you can "scan the environment" of your association to identify media sources that are most prevalent, your association's thought leaders, and your association's competition.

The next part of this online learning course discusses the different timeline trends and likelihood scenarios you need to know. We'll then get into the purpose of secondary impacts and how you can best identify current trends in your association's industry and the secondary impacts of those trends. We'll also walk through how you can assign key indicators to current industry trends.

We'll follow this up by examining how you can "take action." We'll discuss the different Take Action plays and how you can select and best implement one of them in your association.

The final part of this online training course explores the elements that you should measure during your quantitative return on investment reviews. We'll also discuss the process for a qualitative return on investment review and the important tactics for after-action reviews.

Course Contents

This online training is a video-based  "playbook" accompanied by the Strategic Foresight Reflection Workbook.

The end of each section has three downloadable activities to practice what you've learned as well as a supporting "quiz" that you can use to gauge your understanding.

Editable tables are also available for download so you can apply the lessons learned.

Learning Objectives

After completing this on-demand training course, you'll be able to:

  1. Explain the five stages in the strategic foresight cycle.
  2. Pinpoint important media sources, thought leaders, and competition.
  3. Identify the secondary impacts and key indicators for the current trends in your association's industry.
  4. Implement, measure, and act on a "quantitative return on investment review."
  5. Better understand the emerging and unmet needs of your members and how to flip member dissatisfactions into success stories.

About the Presenter

Seth Kahan was named a Visionary by the Center for Association Leadership. He has worked hand-in-hand with 100+ association CEOs since 2002. His specialty is large, bold projects that take on intractable issues in society and position the association as a solution leader in the public eye. He has also led over 50 strategic planning sessions and served on four boards.

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