Business Analytics: Intro Course

Your organization is vital to making meaningful change in the world and by using the data available to you, you have the opportunity to make an even bigger impact. Maybe you don’t know where to start, or you’re trying to analyze the data you have but you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Business Analytics for Associations Online Training Course


Join Thad Lurie, CAE and revenue growth guru, in this online training course on the basics of business analytics for associations. You'll learn how to accelerate change by using data to influence your organization’s strategy and inform decisions that produce impact.

Course Overview

Here's what we'll cover in each training module of this Business Analytics (BA) e-learning course:

business analytics process for online training course

Intro: why BA is so crucial to determine members’ wants and needs and prepare for the future

  • What business analytics is
  • Member expectations
  • How to understand your organization’s relationship with data

Groundwork: lays out key terms and concepts

  • Types of business analytics
  • Forecasting vs. predictive analytics
  • Tools to start understanding hidden patterns and trends

Initiate: how to apply BA to your organization and what data needs to be effective

  • 4 stages of data maturity and why it's important to use data in decision making.
  • How and why people choose to accept or reject opportunities.
  • Causes and effects of poor quality data in associations.
  • Tools to identify where your organization’s data analysis is
  • Tools to improve member experiences by using external information

Proceed With Caution: challenges and solutions to using data for organizational change

  • Governance - the good & the bad
  • HiPPO & The Backfire Effect
  • Best success metrics to use for your organization

Course Contents

This online learning course is supplemented with video walkthroughs, simple visual aids, quizzes to "check understanding," as well as downloadable companion tools to help your work through the materials and get your association started, including:

  • How to Complete a Simple Data Audit Worksheet
  • 5 Steps of Data Discovery Worksheet
  • 4 Types of Business Analytics Guide
  • Determine Your Organization’s Data Maturity Stage Worksheet
  • 5 Ways to Collect Contextual Data Worksheet

Learning Objectives

After completing this on-demand training course, you'll be able to:

  1. Explain the correlation between business analytics and decision sciences.
  2. Define data aggregation, data mining, and the five steps of data discovery.
  3. Identify the different types of business analytics and the difference between forecasting and predictive analytics.
  4. Describe the data maturity spectrum, the connection between data aggregation and data context, and the consequences of data decay.
  5. Describe the biggest challenges to implementing changes using data and how to avoid them.

About the Presenter

Thad Lurie is a Certified Association Executive with 20 years of experience specializing in revenue growth, talent development, and technology. He is a respected community leader and speaker in the areas of business and cultural innovation, organizational strategy, and effective leadership.

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