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Interacting with members regularly about what’s relevant to them, keeping in mind their needs, priorities, motivations, and aspirations constantly reminds them that you care. In turn, you form a deeper and longer-lasting connection.

By allowing you to organically be a part of your members’ lives, engagement can be extremely fruitful in building a community of highly satisfied members. These are the easiest to convert to evangelists who will actively promote and recommend your association.

Join Dave Will, Co-founder and CEO of PropFuel, for this highly interactive training course to learn how to use the voice of the member to drive intelligent engagement.

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Course Overview

After you define what engagement means to you - including the activities and how you measure them - you'll then hear different executives’ definitions and rethink what your association’s universal definition of engagement could be, and how you'd track it.

Next, you'll be asked to consider four traditional engagement methods in this online learning course before jumping into the member journey. You'll learn how to capture feedback at each moment along different member pathways, and how to target specific experiences and segments using the voice of the member to build an ongoing relationship.

The next training module dives into the Ask. Capture. Act engagement method and you'll come up with ways to get members to take different actions. Lastly, we'll walk through a series of case studies together on how associations use intelligent engagement to drive goal-specific campaigns.

Course Contents

This interactive e-learning training is supplemented by video discussions, a primary workbook, and various other companion guides that you'll use to work through the course materials including:

  • Intelligent Engagement 101 Worksheet
  • Universal Definition of Engagement Worksheet
  • Traditional Engagement Methods Worksheet
  • Member Journey Worksheet
  • Ask. Capture. Act. Worksheet
  • Intelligent Engagement Case Studies Worksheet

Learning Objectives

After completing this on-demand training course, you'll be able to:

  1. Identify milestones in your association's member journey.
  2. Describe how you would track engagement based on your association’s universal definition of engagement.
  3. Describe moments in your different member journeys where you have an opportunity to connect with them.
  4. Identify the resources your association has that would help build the ideal member.
  5. Identify ways in which your association could initiate a lapsed member campaign.

About the Presenter

While working for the multi-billion dollar software company SAP nearly 20 years ago, Dave Will was advised to “walk faster and smile less, because perception is reality." Dave took this feedback to heart and started a business based on the antithesis of this advice. Dave has since successfully sold an LMS and co-built a feedback automation platform to help associations improve member engagement and build stronger relationships through conversation marketing.

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