How to start B2B LinkedIn advertising

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B2B advertising on LinkedIn can produce some of the highest quality leads for your organization. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s user profile data to serve highly targeted, relevant ads to increase traffic to your brand and website.

Most companies that run advertising campaigns do so on Facebook and Google, but these methods can produce mixed results. If you’re in the B2B space, LinkedIn advertising can be a goldmine for generating high-quality leads.

Dan Baum, LinkedIn Advertising Specialist, teaches you how to get started with LinkedIn advertising. From setting up your LinkedIn campaigns to explaining the different types of ads to the various ways to build custom audiences, Dan walks you through how to use LinkedIn advertising to grow your audience and revenue.

This course is a great fit for digital marketers who are ready to invest in social advertising in a way that is guaranteed to drive the most qualified B2B traffic to your site and explore a brand new profit center.

By the end of this course, which was originally produced for Impact+, an online learning community for digital sales and marketing professionals, you will feel confident and competent as you build your first LinkedIn advertising campaigns or optimize your existing lackluster campaigns.

You will learn:

  • What LinkedIn Advertising is and how it works
  • The various LinkedIn ad campaigns you can utilize
  • How to build qualified LinkedIn Audiences
  • How to best manage your LinkedIn ad campaigns
  • How to scale your LinkedIn advertising

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