How to set SMART goals

All organizations know that effort without intention is a rocky foundation to try to achieve success.

Every process and project should start with an identified outcome and impact, which then can be reverse-engineered into a plan of action. This is the very basic method of goal-setting. I’m sure you’ve heard of it before: big elephant, small bites. This only scratches the surface, though.

Join behavior analytics and people operations strategist Kasey Chas of PROPEL for this online training course to learn how to outline your goals using the SMART methodology, the new standard of goal-setting.

Setting SMART goals training course for associations

Course Overview & Contents

In this interactive video-based training, you'll see why just saying, “Our goal is to boost membership” is not nearly what it takes to get there. The parts between where your organization is and where you want it to be are crucial. Driving your teams to success requires a SMART roadmap.

This on-demand learning course gives you the 5-step SMART process (and roadmap template) to transform vague initiatives into meaningful and measurable goals.

To help build on your understanding of the process, you'll use the guided portions of the lessons to set your own SMART goal throughout each learning module using the downloadable companion tools:

  • SMART Roadmap Template
  • Metrics Primer

Learning Objectives

After completing this on-demand training course, you'll be able to:

  1. Create measurable goals with lagging indicators and leading indicators.
  2. Prioritize metrics with binary outcomes vs. vanity metrics that don't have a true connection to your priorities.
  3. Consider the tools and skills that go into attaining your goals.
  4. Set goals that are aligned with your quarterly and annual initiatives.
  5. Reverse engineer deadlines/timelines.

About the Presenter

Kasey Chas of PROPEL uses her experience as a former behavior therapist and mindfulness practitioner to implement behavior analytics and applied positive psychology into delivering programs that enhance motivation, engagement, and performance.

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