How to produce virtual and hybrid conferences

We’ve all heard the issues before: Conferences require too much travel, too much time, and too much money.

But what if you could tell your members they didn’t have to travel, they could attend your conferences for free or low cost and avoid having to spend time away from family while still getting all the best insights and networking?

That’s where virtual conferences come in. Join Matchbox Media founder Arianna Rehak as we take this conversion online in our Virtual Conference Production online course.


Course Overview

We'll start off this online training course by exploring virtual conferences and how they differ from traditional in-person events. Then we'll walk through the key steps to plan a flawless and profitable conference virtually, the common pitfalls in production, and how to avoid them. Within this discussion, we'll explore how to establish and accomplish virtual conference objectives including:

  • Sourcing and securing industry-leading presenters.
  • Planning fresh and engaging content with results-driven challenges for your conference sessions and event layout.
  • Organizing an excellent volunteer team.
  • Monetizing your audience and meeting key performance indicators (KPIs).

We'll follow that up by exploring how to attract the right partners and sponsors. Next, we'll examine the technology you'll need to produce a smooth event while accounting for both feature functionality and cost-effectiveness. We'll then jump into little-known yet highly effective strategies and steps to effectively market your sponsors, speakers, and content sessions to energize your audience base and increase registration and attendance.

This online learning course wraps up by discussing how you can attract a diverse group of speakers and attendees, as well as key takeaways that you can implement right away to plan, market, and produce your next virtual conference.

Course Contents

This e-learning course is supplemented by video discussions, a course workbook to help you work through the core concepts, as well as a "quiz" at the end of each training module to check your understanding of learning objectives.

Learning Objectives

After completing this on-demand training course, you'll be able to:

  1. Describe the benefits of holding a virtual conference and choose the event elements, theme, and layout.
  2. Explain the different roles that need to be filled and the characteristics of a great volunteer team.
  3. Describe the IKEA Effect.
  4. Effectively attract and market talent and sponsors.
  5. Implement specific actions to ensure diversity in speakers and attendees.
  6. Plan a seamless online conference that monetizes your audience and fulfills KPIs.
  7. Define hybrid events.
  8. Understanding the differences in planning a hybrid event and a virtual event.

About the Presenter

Arianna is the CEO and Co-Founder of Matchbox Virtual Media, a company that produces virtual events for knowledge communities on topics that matter. She helped create the first SURGE virtual conference long ago and has been bringing people together online to harness collective knowledge ever since.

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