How to perform a diversity equity audit for associations

Inequities are critical barriers to organizational development. Biases are not simply an issue of individual motivation, but instead a pattern that manifests in the policies, practices, and everyday operations of the organization occurring without the intention or awareness of leadership.

The impacts and negative outcomes of diversity inequities can lead to lower service, poorer training quality, and less engagement. Ultimately, this means associations that fail to address inequities within their organization fall short of their mission and vision.

How to Perform an Equity Audit Online Training for Associations


Join us in this online training course exploring how to perform a diversity equity audit for associations. Use this course as a guide to evaluate your association’s programs, operations, and culture to identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth regarding diversity equity.

This online learning course kicks off by setting the foundation. We'll cover: what a diversity equity audit is, key definitions, equality vs. equity, and the five reasons why you should conduct an equity audit.

We'll then explore what you should identify beforehand and how to plan ahead before jumping into the process of actually completing one. A sample diversity audit is provided.

Next, we'll discuss how to compile the results to establish a baseline for improvements, and identify equity items that need to be addressed. Then we'll walk through the step-by-step process of what you should do after the areas that need attention are identified including: presenting to stakeholders, post-audit discussion questions, potential solutions, implementation, and monitoring results.

This diversity audit training course gives you the tools you need to identify who has a voice in your association and what needs to be done to ensure everyone has a seat at the table.

Equity audits for associations training course

Course Contents

This e-learning training includes the following downloadable tools:

  • Getting Started Checklist
  • Sample Equity Audit
  • Equity Audit Potential Solution Questionnaire
  • Equity audits from Tom Browning
  • COVID-19 response strategy mini equity audit
  • Preparing for your equity audit
  • Racial Equity Toolkit

These tools can be used to get familiar with various practices and policies that support equity, evaluate your current efforts, and plan action steps for continual improvement.

Learning Objectives

After completing this on-demand training course, you'll be able to:

  1. Explain the purpose of a diversity audit.
  2. Define key terms associated with equity audits.
  3. Prepare for an equity audit.
  4. Establish the diversity audit.
  5. Explain what to do after the audit results are compiled and areas of improvement are identified.

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