Hiring and on-boarding

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

1. Write the three criteria for interviews.
2. Explain how to determine if a candidate genuinely wants to work for your association.
3. Describe the on-boarding process.

Watch the Growing People – Hiring and on-boarding video to learn strategies to pick the right candidates and have a smooth transition from new employees to valuable team members.

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Having an effective hiring and on-boarding process is essential to success. On-boarding is so important to set the person up for success. Make them feel comfortable and at home, part of the team. If you do this well, you’ll have a smooth transition from new employees to valuable team members.

3 Criteria for interviewing

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Confirm the candidate’s motive and commitment

Give the candidate a set amount of time to tell you everything they know about the association, the industry, the other associations in the industry, and where they see the industry five years from today.

If they can’t give details to those answers, you don’t want them working in your association.

For senior-level, mission-critical positions, bring the candidate in and express how much you want to hire them. Tell them they need to decide if they are 100% committed to the position because, if they’re not, this is not the job for them and they will get fired. Have them take the offer and leave to think about it.

Taking this tougher approach saves time and money by screening out the people who don’t really want the job.


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