Strategy and accountability

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

1. Define strategy.
2. List the four criteria to have a highly differentiated strategy.
3. Explain the three types of strategies.
4. Define binary.
5. List the five levels of accountability.
6. Describe what the leader of a project needs to be successful.
7. Explain ways to ensure that the leader of a project has 100% agreement.
8. Describe how to track and post results.
9. Identify ways to manage contributors of the project based on the health of their deliverables.


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Once your association’s BHAG and painted picture are established, it’s time to launch the strategy to achieve near-term goals.

Strategy is the allocation of scarce or limited resources. It’s how the association is going to invest time, money, people, and energy for the best use of creating the painted picture.

Strategy also defines what the association is not going to use resources on which helps to eliminate things that aren’t serving the association.

Criteria for a highly differentiated strategy

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If your association clearly meets the four criteria, you have a highly differentiated strategy that will allow you to be successful in the marketplace.

3 Types of challenges to solve

A puzzle has an outcome. There is one answer. You can achieve the right answer.

A mystery cannot be solved; you have to make a guess at solving it.

A problem might have multiple right answers. Look at the potential, great answers and put them together to find the best answer.

As you go through the strategic planning process, constantly look at the elements you’re studying for the strategy you’re trying to create and ask is it a puzzle with a definite answer, a problem and get a general answer, or a mystery and take a guess.

Implementation plans

Implementation of strategic, tactical plans needs to be clear, detailed, and specific.

They need to be binary; quantitative, not only qualitative.

Examples of binary elements





5 Levels of accountability

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Check for understanding

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