How to live the core values

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

1. Express ways to live your association’s values.
2. Explain senior leader’s role with values.
3. Describe what happens when people are not held accountable to the association’s values.
4. Define or revise your personal Core Value statements.


Watch the Bonus Video for Core Values – How to Live Your Core Values for details on how to bring your association’s Core Values to life!

The tasks below will be automatically checked off once you complete watching the video and taking the quiz.

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When values are clear, decisions are easy. What you’re supposed to do, how to prioritize projects, where you invest money, when to say yes or no, and knowing what’s most important comes from having clear organizational values.

Key points

  • Values need to be ever-present in every way, every day!
  • Senior leaders have to outwardly live the values to set the right example.
  • People need to be held accountable when values are violated.
  • When people are not held accountable, the message people receive is that the values are not important to the association.

Apply what you’ve learned

Take time now to identify and document how and where in your association there are opportunities to live your association’s Core Values.
Also, take time to identify your personal values by which you are committed to live.

Check for understanding

See if you understand the concepts by completing the quiz. Click How to live the core values quiz to begin.