Define your association's core values

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

1. Explain the risk of using standard industry values.
2. Describe the elements of your association that values impact.
3. Reiterate what happens when noncompliance of values is ignored.
4. Develop or revise your association’s Core Values.


Watch the Core Values – Discover Your Core Values to hear how to most effectively define your association’s Core Values.

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Remember that your association’s Core Values are the heartbeat of your organization. Core Values are essential because when values are clear, decisions are easy.

Key points

Values need to be described in a way that is CLEAR enough, UNIQUE enough, and UNAMBIGUOUS enough so that everyone in the association …

  • knows exactly what the value means.
  • holds themselves personally accountable for living the value.
  • is self-aware enough to watch how they respond in relation to the value.
  • clearly sees when someone is violating or not fully performing the value so conversations can happen with candor about the performance not matching the values of the association.

Apply what you’ve learned

Take time now to develop or revise your association’s Core Values. Remember that they need to have clear definitions and be custom to your association to be impactful and effective.

Check for understanding

See if you understand the concepts by completing the quiz. Click Define your association's core values quiz to begin.