How to Create Powerful Content for Member Engagement

Gone are the days where we all received the majority of our information from a handful of media outlets. Today, we can connect to thought leaders through blogs, podcasts, YouTube videos, and a countless number of different online media sources. Granted, there is an equally wide range in content quality, but a lot of content is out there nonetheless and most of it is free.

In other words, if your members’ only reason for joining an association was to gain access to the latest industry news and insights, there are many other ways that don’t involve membership fees and commitments. With more options to access content, associations need to reassert their purpose and learn how to reconnect and engage in new ways with a society in flux.

How to Create Powerful Content Strategy for Associations Online Training Course

Join us in this online training course to get the step-by-step process to develop, implement, and measure a content marketing strategy for your association in order to increase member engagement.

Course Overview

This e-learning course kicks off by discussing why your association should bother with content. Here we'll explore engagement principles, ways to increase engagement, and why it's important to empathize with the intended audience.

The next learning module delves into the various types of content including the benefits of different content types associations can use and how to determine the content types that make the most sense for your organization.

Then we'll get into the meat of the course: the steps to outline a content marketing strategy. We'll cover how to determine your goals, establish KPI, assess your current position, decide on a platform and content types, create a content calendar, create content, distribute and market that content, and measure results.

Next, we'll explore content development, including how to find content ideas, the importance of content development themes, techniques for developing engaging content, and how to experiment with content development tools.

We'll follow this up by examining emerging best practices for content publishing including how to identify the best times to engage with your audience and how to increase your organization's reach using specific content platform features.

This online training course wraps up by discussing how to assess the effectiveness of your content strategy.

content marketing strategy for associations online training course

Course Contents

This online course is supplemented by video training segments, "quizzes" to test your understanding of course concepts, as well as companion worksheets, tools, and handouts including:

  • Increasing Engagement Handout
  • Content Ideas Handout
  • Content Inventory Worksheet
  • Content Audit Worksheet
  • Content Planning Worksheet
  • Branding and Messaging Guide Worksheet
  • Content Development Tools

Learning Objectives

After completing this on-demand training course, you'll be able to:

  1. Describe the rules of engagement and ways to empathize with your intended audience.
  2. Identify the types of content that make the most sense for your organization.
  3. Outline a content marketing strategy for your organization.
  4. Experiment with content development tools, ideas, and themes.
  5. Determine how to increase your organization's reach using specific content platform features and timing.
  6. Describe ways to measure content effectiveness.

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