AI for purpose-driven leaders

As a purpose-driven leader, you want to fulfill your mission and reach your full potential. Artificial intelligence (AI) can help. AI is forecasted to have trillions of dollars of impact on the world economy, and that includes nonprofits, associations, and high-impact organizations.

AI is the latest buzzword in business, but it’s also a practical technology that you can use today—with no prior training—to give your organization superpowers.

AI for Association Leaders Online Training Course

Join Mike Kaput, the Chief Content Officer at Marketing AI Institute and AI expert, in this online training course to learn how to use artificial intelligence to fulfill your organization's mission and reach your full potential.

Course Overview

This e-learning course breaks down how to use AI right away in your organization, even if you don’t have a technology background.

You’ll come away from the training course with a clear understanding of AI and how it can benefit your association or nonprofit.

In particular, you'll learn how purpose-driven leaders like you are using AI to:

  • Build bigger communities around their organization and mission.
  • Drive more engagement from audiences, donors, volunteers, and stakeholders.
  • Make a much bigger impact on all the metrics that matter.

Course Contents

This online training is supplemented with in-depth video discussions, downloadable presentation slides, a "quiz" to check your understanding of course materials, as well as the following core concepts:

  • Jargon-free explanation of Artificial Intelligence
  • Benefits of AI
  • How to Make an Impact with AI
  • Getting Started with AI
  • AI Applications
  • Recommended Tools and Vendors

Learning Objectives

After completing this on-demand training course, you'll be able to:

  1. Explain the basics of AI.
  2. Describe why AI technology is important and not just a frivolous extra expense.
  3. Explain how to use AI in conjunction with the hard work you're already doing to reach new heights.
  4. Know how to get started with AI so it doesn't seem daunting.
  5. Explain how AI can provide innovative solutions for your organization.
  6. Identify specific, tried-and-true tools that can be used today to meet your organization’s needs.

About the Presenter

Mike Kaput is the Chief Content Officer at Marketing AI Institute, a company that makes powerful AI technology approachable and actionable for marketers.

Ready to level up your organization, your mission, and your career? Get started today by joining us in this online AI training course.

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